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Thank you, Joanne's visit was excellent and very informative.  She gave us good advice & helped us understand how we can improve our gardens' appearance and productivity. It was a pleasure to talk with such a well-informed person who is as passionate about plants, trees and nature as we are.

— Rosemary Rey

Joanne was extremely helpful and made several suggestions that we intend to follow. Once we get the foundation of our project setup, we will purchase the plants that Joanne suggested would best suit our situation. I loved it!

— Michelle

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I had a wonderful lady, Joanne who did a fantastic job. It was a pleasure to meet with her on the lovely design she did for me. I totally depended on her as I'm not knowledgeable on all plants. Thank you again.

— Gardener

Seminar and Video Testimonies

Excellent presentation Joanne!   I immediately went home and started my backyard "wish list" landscape. Looking forward to next week and the design courses...utter bliss!

Enjoyed it so much - great presentation !!! Look forward to another!!!

Loved it - looking forward to the next one! So much great information

As an inexperienced gardener tasked with overhauling our garden, I was very grateful to find all of my questions answered and fears put aside after viewing this e-course.


Instructor (Joanne) is very knowledgeable and her experience comes through in her knowledge of the content. Joanne seems like someone I would enjoy talking to about my garden - approachable and down-to-earth.

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